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Fei Bao Velox G2

Added: 16-9-2013

Running Time: 7.09min

Allan's 2nd Flight of a Fei-Bao Velox G2 powered by a Kingtech K80F

Skymaster F16 1/8th

Added: 16-9-2013

Running Time: 5:18min

Mikes F16 powered by a Jetcat P80 turbine

Fei Bao Su-27

Added: 25-8-2013

Running Time: 3:40 min

Rob's Su-27 powered by Twin Kingtech K100 turbines

Fei Bao F15, Carf Flash, Fei Bao Velox

Added: 25-08-2013

Running Time: 12:23 min

Rob, Shane and Mick (AKA Meerkat), Flying their Velox powered by Kingtech K100G, Flash powered by Kingtech K140G and F15 powered by Kingtech K140F around Whiteman Park (Don't Even Sound Same!)

Turbine Trex800

Added: 25-08-2013

Running Time: 4:37 min

Alex flying his Trex800 powered by a Wren44 Turbine


Added: 20-8-2013

Running Time: 6:42 min

Murray flyng his Boomerang powered by a Wren 100

Comp ARF Eurofighter 3D

Added 20-8 2013

Running Time: 8:06 min

Ian flying his Comp ARF 3D Eurofighter powered by a Kingtech K180G and thrust vectoring

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